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12. september 2003, Tartu

Connect Eesti korraldas koostöös sihtasutusega Geenikeskus konverentsi Geenifoorum 2003 raames paralleelsessiooni biotehnoloogia ettevõtluse aspektidest.

Seminaril esinesid:

Carl-Johan Sundberg, Investeerimisjuht, Karolinska Investment Fund, Rotsi
Avastusest tehnoloogia kommertsialiseerimiseni Karolinska mudeli näitel

Scientific Investment Manager. M.D., Ph.D., certified physician, Associate Professor of Physiology, Karolinska Institutet. Works with human physiology research at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Karolinska Institutet. Conducts research on genetic expression in human skeletal muscles. Project manager (part-time) at the Center for Medical Innovations, Karolinska Institutet, and course leader for “Science-Based Business Enterprises.” KI’s project manager in SSES. Formerly managing director of a medical development company, experience of medical journalism at Svenska Dagbladet and ABC Television, USA. From 1995-96 Science Secretary in a parliamentary commission. Board member of Global Genomics AB and Karolinska Education AB. Member of the American Physiological Society.

Having a background from academia, technology commercialization and early-stage venture capital fund management Carl-Johan Sundberg will discuss the Karolinska role in the commercialization of discoveries, opting for starting up new companies or licensing inventions to existing ones. What are the mandates of different interrelated actors – like Karolinska Institutet, Karolinska Inventions and Karolinska Investment Fund in the support system and how their activities support each other.

Erki Mölder, tegevjuht, Quattromed AS, Eesti
Eesti Biotehnoloogia - väljakutsed aastateks 2004 kuni 2006

Quattromed AS has been founded on August 27, 1999
Quattromed is working on three technology platforms: Molecular diagnostics (launched in 1999), solutions for proteomics (launched in 2001) and and HTS solutions (proof-of-principle in 2003, launch in 2004) In September 2002 founders sold their part to strategic investor.
Number of employees: 27
Sales 2002: 6,9 MEEK
Net profit 2002: 390,000 EEK

Summary of presentation:
Estonian biotechnology industry is facing great opportunities and challenges for the following years - global biotechnology is recovering from industry hardest downturn, Estonia is joining EU and several Estonian companies are reaching maturity period of their life cycle. The gap between European and US markets is widening, Asia is increasing its role in the marketplace. Pharma Industry needs badly new solutions from drug discovery. Are the local players ready for these challenges? Will the Venture Capital find the way to Estonia? What should the Government do to ensure the sustainability of the Industry?

Ulrica Sehlstedt, tegevjuht, LightUp Technologies AB, Rootsi
Kui oluline on partnerlus väikestele arenevatele firmadele

Ulrica Sehlstedt, President and R&D Director
Born 1969, PhD in Biophysics from Stockholm University. Her thesis work concerned nucleic acid interactions with analogues and dye molecules. In addition to her Ph.D. thesis, Dr. Sehlstedt has published 10 scientific papers and several abstracts and is co-inventor of a patent application concerning a drug that has the potential of being used as a component in antigene/antisense strategies. Dr. Sehlstedt was rewarded the 1998 Arrhenius' grant for the best thesis work performed at the faculty of Mathematical and Natural Sciences at Stockholm University and presented during 1998. Dr. Sehlstedt joined the position as R&D manager at LightUp Technologies as its first employee in October 1998. Since September 1999, Dr. Sehlstedt has served as the President and R&D Director of LightUp Technologies.

LightUp Technologies AB is a company developing new solutions for the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry. Our activities are focused on developing and bringing to the market cutting-edge molecular based technologies for medical diagnostic uses. First among these technologies is the LightUp® Probe, which can be used for quick and accurate identification and quantification of specific DNA targets in disease-generating organisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi etc.).

LightUp Technologies’ vision is to make the LightUp technology widely accepted as a golden standard for nucleic acid detection in clinical infectious disease diagnostics. With a strong brand, right position and key competences, our aim is to achieve status as a centre of excellence in the marketplace. In order to realise this long-term ambition, we have to work actively with strong partners with relevant networks of clinicians, opinion leaders, decision makers, end user groups, authorities, media etc.

To make our technology and company widely known, our products need to be on the market in several countries. In the short- and medium-term, it is therefore critically important that we manage to enter into agreement with one or several partners for distribution of our products in selected markets. The presentation will outline how we work to ensure that such agreements add significant value to our business and the criteria for selection of partners.

Michael Byström, patendivolinik, Albihns AB, Rootsi
Mikael Bergstrand, patendivolinik, Albihns AB, Rootsi
IP Strateegiad biotech ettevõtetele

Michael Byström works as patent attorney at the Chemistry Department of Albihns Stockholm AB.
Mikael G:son Bergstrand is European Patent Attorney and Head of the Chemistry Department at Albihns Stockholm AB. He has a long experience of patent-related matters both as patent attorney, patent examiner, litigator and appointed member of the Swedish Court of Patent Appeals.

Albihns AB is one of the leading IP law firms of Scandinavia, and there are Albihns offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmoe, Copenhagen and Munich. According to a survey by the international trade journal Managing Intellectual Property, Albihns has been voted the number one IP-firm in Sweden in the fields of patents and trade mark/copyright.

The presentation will be focused on patent strategy from a biotech perspective. Moreover, speakers will discuss how a small or medium-sized biotech company can build up, develop and maintain a suitable patent portfolio.

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