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Geenivaramust välismeediasGeenivaramust välismeedias

The Genome Project council approved the first research applications


The Supervisory Board of the Estonian Genome Project met on the 23rd of August and decided to approve the first research applications, appointed a new member of the Management Board and evaluated the activities of the Genome Project conducted during the recent months.

The Supervisory Board approved the proposal of the Management Board to approve two applications requesting the issuance of the Genome Project data for scientific research.

One of the applications was submitted jointly by the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology of the University of Tartu and the HapMap project (McGill University and the Genome Quebec Innovation Centre, Montreal, Canada). In the course of the research, the Estonian population will be compared with the HapMap population, and plans are in place for subsequent research activities on connections between illnesses and genes.

The second research application was submitted by EGeen. In the course of the research, the efficiency of the treatment of gene donors who suffer from hypertension and underwent a special treatment course.

The Genome Project will issue the data subject to the conclusion of the corresponding contracts. The data will be issued in accordance with the Human Genes Research Act.

New Management Board member

The Supervisory Board appointed Professor Andres Metspalu as a member of the Management Board of the Estonian Genome Project Foundation. Professor Metspalu’s main responsibilities are scientific research and development of international contacts. Professor Metspalu is also a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Estonian Genome Project.

Previous member of the Management Board Koit Kikas will also continue. His main tasks are administrative and financial management and development of information technology.

Resumption of data collection

The agenda of the Supervisory Board meeting included an overview of the activities of the Genome Project during the recent months.
The Genome Project will resume the collection of data from gene donors by counties, beginning with the Southern Estonia. The data collection in all of the previously involved regions will resume during the period from September to November.

The Estonian Genome Project temporarily suspended the collection of data from gene donors in the spring due to the prolonged negotiations with the EGeen, which organises the financing.

During the period when data was not collected, the Genome Project carried out the necessary developmental tasks – worked on the health state and family tree data questionnaire and improved the information system.

The data collection will be resumed using a new data collection software. Prior to that, special computer training will be provided for data collectors in each region.

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