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Biotechnology in Estonia
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Biotechnology in Estonia, 2005

Biotechnology in Estonia, 2003

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Biotech in Estonia

Biotech in Estonia

Estonian biotechnology is still at an embryonic stage, but the ingredients for its future success are already in place.

Biotechnology has simply become too important to ignore. Estonia has a century long tradition in molecular biology.

Increased public funding of science and research and development, integration into European Research Area and active participation in European Framework Progammes will create sufficient basis for development of life-sciences in Estonia.

Estonian research environment is improving annually, both in terms of funding and scientific level. Although Estonia is determined to build its future by investing in knowledge and know-how, the country is still far behind the countries like Finland which investments into R&D have risen steadily throughout the past decades.

Hopefully the ongoing research in Estonian universities, research institutes and businesses is generating a solid knowledge base and increases networking among researchers, which further increases Estonian intellectual and material prosperity and improves its international competitiveness, visibility and esteem.

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