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Biotech in Estonia: opportunitis and challenges from E.U. joining
1.12.2004, Biotech Industry In Estonia

Analysing Estonian biotech from the industrial point of view, it appears clear the it is a rather small business sector. There are approximately 24 biotech companies, a number shrinking to 11 if only companies having biotech research as their core business are considered. Estonian biotech employs a total of 160 people, of which 145 work in the aforesaid research-focused companies. The global biotech turnover accounts for 3.2m Euros. More »
Biotechnologie in Estland: Goldgräberstimmung
5.11.2004, Eduard Steiner, Deutsches Ärzteblatt 101, Ausgabe 45 vom 05.11.2004, Seite A-3018 / B-2549 / C-2432

Das Projekt einer nationalen Gendatenbank zielt auf die Entwicklung der personalisierten Medizin. Doch Finanzierungsprobleme machen dem ambitionierten Unterfangen zu schaffen. More »
Estonian efficiency (23.10.2004, Tom Parfitt, The Lancet (Vol 364, October 23, 2004)) More »
Elsa im Wunderland (31.08.2004, Stephan Sahm, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Nr. 202 / Seite 36) ) More »
The Genome Project council approved the first research applications (24.08.2004, Estonian Genome Project Foundation ) More »
IPO + Biotech = Uncertainty; Tissue + Manchester = UK Biobank (2.08.2004, Volume 18, Issue 15, The Scientist) More »
Estonian, British Databases Use "Opt-In" Policies (15.07.2004, STEPHANIE OVERBY, CIO Magazine ) More »
Kampf um die Köpfe (30.05.2004, Jan Pallokat, Der Tagespiegel ) More »
New EU member’s genetic legacy (24.05.2004, Europa Research ) More »
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